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October 28th

New Photos Up

I finally got around to putting up new photos the other day. I've put up five new albums, including a bunch of things I've been able to do in the last few months. I've got pictures from a great few days I spent at a cottage my friends Bill, Joy, Brian and Kim rented in late August.
I've got photos from a ceremony I attended in September at the RCAF museum in Trenton. The ceremony was for the dedication of Ad Astra stones, stones laid in memorial of those who have served in our Canadian Air Force. My father's parents were there with my family for the emotional day, and while my other grandparents were out of province, it was my mother's father who purchased the stone in my father's memory. It was a very touching ceremony, and very good to see my grandparent's for a weekend.
I've got some photos from a Renegades game that I attended on Thanksgiving weekend with friends Chris Foo, Anna and Rob Sample. The Renegades lost to the Saskatchewan Roughriders, but it was an entertaining evening none the less.
I've got some photos from Oktoberfest that a whole bunch of the Ottawa crew went down to Kitchener-Waterloo for a few weeks back. A very entertaining time as always.
And finally, I've got some exterior shots of my parents beautiful house. They just had landscaping done in the front this summer, and it looks excellent.

Update: I put up a few more albums this weekend, one of photos from a day I spent swimming and going to a Jays game with Bryce and Jen. The other album includes pictures from a Ringette practice and game I went to the other day that my cousins Shannon and Nia took part in respectively.

October 25th

The Duke is Closing... :(

My favourite pub - The Duke of Somerset, a home away from home of sorts, is closing this week. Apparently the building is being closed. I've had some great times at the Duke in my 4 years and a bit of living in Ottawa, and am sorely upset to see it go. Friday my friends, will be a personal day of mourning for me.

The Lockmaster Tavern, upstairs from the Duke (which my friend Rob and I were just discussing on the weekend), will also close on Friday.

October 22nd

China Buying Noranda Is Somewhat Worrisome

I'm a little troubled about the notion that a Chinese company is going to purchase one of Canada's largest mining companies. I don't think it's wrong for a company from a different nation to buy one of ours, but it's the issue in this comment by the federal Industry Minister, David Emerson, that gets me:
For his part, Industry Minister David Emerson said having a state-owned company own Canadian resource corporations is different than private ownership.

A little dinner party...

You know, I enjoy entertaining, and it's been a while since I cooked. So last night I had my friends Tina and Tim over for a little food and reality TV. I made a pretty simple recipe from called "Anniversary Chicken". It's pretty simple, brown your chicken breasts, then brush them with teriyaki sauce, cover in some ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, green onions and bacon and then bake. I made some fresh green beans (though I need a veggie steamer to do a better job), and a package of wild rice to go with it.
It certainly reminded me that I love to cook and entertain, I'll have to keep that in mind when searching for my next residence as this one is certainly not laid out to accomodate the two activities well. My friends Anna and Rob invited me over for dinner a few weeks back, I'll have to return the favour soon - since I've kind of caught the bug again. :) (They've got a much bigger house... maybe I'll go there and cook instead... I like doing that too...)

October 18th

The Greatest Canadian

While I didn't get a chance to watch last night's premiere of the CBC mini-series "The Greatest Canadian", I did watch tonight's first top 10 episode on Tommy Douglas.
After watching this first episode (with George Stroumboulopoulos hosting - who by the way, I think is destined for great things in media, and have thought so since his suprisingly excellent coverage of the September 11th tragedy on of all stations, Much Music) it certainly makes me wonder how easy it will be to vote. I mean, I think it's going to be tough - and that makes me quite proud to be Canadian.
I nominated (along with hundreds to thousands of others likely) Lester B. Pearson, because I think he did a lot for both Canada in terms of a national identity with the Canadian flag, and for Canada on a world stage with his work with the United Nations and NATO. But the show tonight certainly sold me on Tommy Douglas, and I'm wondering if the others will do the same for the other candidates (okay, well... maybe not for Don Cherry... ).
I am certainly looking forward to the rest of these shows...
Click "Read More" to see the rest of the broadcast schedule.

October 14th

Google Desktop Search

I'm just installing it now. I'm curious to see how well it works. I've got tonnes of stuff on my PC. Does it go into zip files?? Ahh... the excitement, hopefully there won't be much of a let down. I'll review later...

October 12th

Keep Paying Down the Debt

It makes me so mad when I read quotes from people like the labour economist at the CAW, Jim Stanford. In relation to the fact that the Liberals have posted 6 large consecutive surpluses Standford said "All the rest (of federal budgets) collected several billions more in taxes from Canadians than they gave back to Canadians in public service. That's not balance."

Baloney! It is balance, it's paying down the massive debts that the current and previous generations have racked up! It's balancing out the largesse that they partook in. I'd prefer to see the debt paid off even faster, it only means that generations of Canadians, including mine, will not have a nation with such high debt financing costs. Every penny we put down on the debt saves pennies that are spent financing it. Stop complaining that you're paying too much in taxes now, it will save the younger generations paying off your services of the past in the future.

The NHL 2004/05 Season Would Start Wednesday

I don't know about you, but if the NHL employed replacement players I would not hestitate for a minute to go see them play. I'm a Leaf fan, not a Sundin or Belfour fan. Heck, I find it difficult at all sometimes to remotely be a McCabe fan. I mean, I like those players, but at heart, I want to see the Leafs play the Habs, or the Sens. Not Koviu versus Domi, or Hossa versus Klee.

If the players think they can get a better deal than the one the league has offered them, I think they're hugely wrong.


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