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February 25th

Retiring Baby Boomers

You know, there aren't many subjects that scare me... but this is one of them. Big Ol'Al Greenspan stated today that he feels that the US gov't should cut social security benefits that they'll pay out to future retirees. The US, and likely all western worlds are about to enter a very interesting time where the number of people out of the work force could surpass the number of people within it. That's scary.

February 23rd

Don't Trade Matt and Carlo!

I want the Leafs to win the cup just as much as the next Leaf fan... but I certainly hope they don't go and trade two of their best prospects for Sergei Gonchar... As many pundits have said, Gonchar isn't what the Leafs need... they need a stay at home defenceman, not a slightly better Tomas Kaberle.

Keep the kids... please. If you wanna move Antropov or Ponikarovsky... I'd consider that, but keep at least one of them, as well as Stajan, Colaiacovo, Tellqvist and Bell.

So I've yet to subscribe, or at least sign up for the free trial... but I'm certainly considering it. is a new, Ottawa-based, movie rental business that patterns itself after Netflix, who is found south of the border.

February 21st

Two-Tier Healthcare

You know, I've spent a long time - as I'm sure many Canadians have - thinking about two-tier healthcare. I see Belinda says she'll investigate it, Ralph says Alberta might have no chance, and the PM P.M. says he won't allow it. I've got a huge problem with two tier healthcare, and don't think I could ever support a government that allowed it.

The part that I have a problem with is that a co-resident private system will likely end up bleeding the public system of the best doctors, facilities, etc.

February 18th

Offshoring... in the long term

You know, a lot of people are afraid of "offshoring" of work from industrialized, western nations to emerging markets such as China, Russia and India. I'm a personally a bit ambivalent... we've created a market that desires products to be produced cheaply, by creating stores like Wal-Mart and the millions of consumers that shop at them. So of course companies, pressured by the likes of these retail behemoths, must do something to lower their cost structures.

February 4th

For Boris: Social Software Makes Revenue Headway

Just read this Globe and Mail article. Seems social software is making some headway, maybe even as a revenue generating service for some places. I must preface this with my thoughts that social software has been around for ages and isn't anything new... maybe the uses are somewhat new, and hopefully Boris and the crew at Zerendpity can figure out some good ones.
See the article by clicking Read More below.


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