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September 29th

RSS on My Yahoo... neat, but not better than Firefox's Live Bookmarks

Saw this linked off of an entry on Robert Scoble's blog. Pretty neat, now I can probably show my Mom how to keep up with news. Now mind you, with Firefox and it's "Live Bookmarks"... it's much easier. I've actually fallen almost in love with my Live Bookmarks... I can quickly browse bookmarks (which I rarely until these ever used in the past year or so) to see if there is new content on any of the sites I'm visiting. I think one possible killer addition to the Live Bookmarks, would be to have a small menu bar (side, top, bottom, wherever) that would list the live bookmarks (permalinks essentially) for an "Live Bookmark" site you're on pop up once you've visited one. That way I can choose the first one that is new in the Live Bookmark list, then not have to go back into the bookmarks or go to the main page of the site to find the next entry. Whaddaya think?

Btw... I added the Yahoo RSS Link at the bottom... and it works... very neat.

September 22nd

Rats In Alberta...

I saw this article and it just made me laugh... I'm sorry, but the fact that Alberta is rat free seems kind of impossible to me... they've got Ralph Klein don't they? I mean, he's no kitten eater... but still.

Countries I've Visited

Hmmm... just noticed that I started this post about a month ago and hadn't finished it.

These are the countires I've visited... now, to increase the number of them... :)
Click here to create your own visited country map.

September 16th

Cooking for Engineers

Just randomly surfing links off of BlogsCanada (who Kev brought back to mind), and I stumbled across this jewel: Cooking for Engineers.

Talk about a neat way of presenting recipes:

September 15th

Gmail Invite Spooler

This is neat... if you want a Gmail invite, go here and enter your email address. They'll send you an invite that people have "donated". Pretty neat, since September 13th they've distributed 10,750+ (at this point, you can watch the number tick away by refreshing) invites already. You can donate an invite by sending the invite to

Very cool...

September 14th

Health Care Summit

"He said health-care costs are growing by about seven per cent a year, so Martin's offer of about two per cent more in funding falls far short of what the provinces and territories need." - CBC in reference to Dalton McGuinty's remarks.

Seven percent a year? If healthcare costs are growing at that rate, and you're convinced that lowering them isn't the solution and that you should rather just continue to foot the bill, then we might as well just pack up the old socialized healthcare we have... it isn't nearly affordable. Inflation is below 2%, economic growth is less than 3-4%, so how do you ever hope to keep up the pace?

Ridiculous... there has to be fat in the system, or some sort of innovation found that will lower costs. You can't just keep feeding money at it. The premiers appear to be wrong this time...

September 13th

Two Great Running Backs

One: Jesse Lumsden, McMaster - A pro back playing in a kids league; at least, that's the way he makes it look. He rushed for 344 yards in around 3 quarters against Waterloo this weekend, that's just craziness.
Two: Quentin Griffith, Denver - The second coming of Barry Sanders? This guy's centre of gravity is so low, he swivles around defenders. He broke some nice runs with a whole lot of Barry Sanders like jukin' against KC last night, piling up 156 yards of rushing.

September 11th

Response to Boris's Post on Berninger's Essay

I haven't read the entire essay, but I will on Monday (it's work related, and I don't feel like doing that now....). But the few soundbites Boris pulled out get a mixed grade from me.


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