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May 5th

Google: Multiple Voting Shares

Blech... I hate'm... They exist today typically because family businesses wanted to cash in on public market money. Companies like Magna, Bombardier, and many others that have succeeded well use them to keep control in the family, while exploiting the capital of common investors. This can in some cases be disasterous.
This is of course the structure that Google wants to use.

April 24th

NHL's 72 Game Schedule - Another Agenda is reporting that the NHL is talking about moving to a shorter 72-game schedule. While this sounds like a great idea to me, assuming they can overcome the 5-game loss of revenue that each team will have, there is a hidden agenda here methinks.

April 20th

Filtering Movie Content

You know, I've wondered for a while (I was going to say "always wondered", but that's not true) why movie studios don't record "clean" versions of films (both dialog and video) at the same time they record the "original" version. I mean, there isn't a better line in any movie then Bruce Willis saying "Yippe-Ki-Yay Mister Falcon" in the "cleaned up" version of Die Hard 2 that I see on TBS all the time (seriously, I think it's worth watching just for that one line), but really, why didn't they right a line that would have made more sense?

Greatest Canadian?

Who's the greatest Canadian?
What with Belinda Stronach's run for the Conservative Party's, and this article from the The Globe and Mail, I've begun to to wonder about the Stronach family's ambitions. "It's not an exclusive Magna university," he said. "Any other company can participate and be most welcome. This is not only important for Magna, but it's important also for society."
The point is to develop people who could do advanced research on how to develop products at a low price that would give Canada some advantages over low-wage countries.
"You might say this is advanced research -- not only to find new forms of metals or behaviour of metals or plastics, but it's also socioeconomics," Mr. Stronach said, adding that students could do research into new environmental technologies or new ways of generating capital and motivating employees.

April 19th

Viral Marketing and Ford

You know, I love the concept of viral marketing (aside: I love that google definition function too!). Basically, it's using people to perpetuate your marketing in a non-direct method (forwarding email, links, etc.). A cool concept... but basically a new way of using "word of mouth" (see... used it again!). So anyway... I had never thought of an ad agency forwarding around a link to something (e.g., a video hosted in a non-descript place) to market a product. Anyway, Ford uses that concept... and in some ways it either came back to bite them, or it provides an effective method of shedding blame for advertising that is offensive to some. This Ford Sportka ad (mirror) is the subject of this kind of action, as explained in this article. Pretty neat in my mind.

David Frost...

There is a lot of talk about right now about Mike Danton (formerly Jefferson) of the St. Louis Blues and his recent charges and arrest for attempting to contract a killing. Now, his family, and a number of others are claiming that Mike is having some problems and that the source of many of those are his agent David Frost. The article just linked to shows that Frost has been accused of having a troubling relationship with four players for over 5 years.
It does however have a confusing quote: "Dave Frost," said Steve Jefferson, Mike's father, "is the best thing to ever happen to my kid."That's odd because now Steve Jefferson is saying that Frost is the cause of all his problems.

April 16th


Saw this on BoingBoing, thought it was pretty cool... How-Toons. I'm sure my Uncle Steve would like it.

April 13th

Horsehoes and Pictures

Two things:
1. The Leafs have horseshoes up their collective rears. If Belfour wasn't amazing, the Sens would be up 3-0. (Though I do think that the Sens were aided by luck and the refs in their win in game one.)

2. Photos, I updated my gallery with a bunch of photos. Photos of OUA football, AHL hockey, Christmas, New Year's eve, New Year's day, skating on the canal, a couple from a visit by one of my darling newfie cousin's, and finally some photos from this past weekend's Easter dinner at my mom's.


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