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April 8th

The Playoffs Begin

Well, it's the morning after the beginning of the NHL playoffs, and I'm a happy man. Happy because the Leafs start a run at Lord Stanley's Mug tonight at home against a team they've ousted 3 times in the last 4 years, the Ottawa Senators. I live in Ottawa, so seeing them beat out is a bittersweet thing. I mean, I'd love to be able to go to a Stanley Cup final game - but that's not ever going to happen in TO. Can you imagine how expensive that would be??? Plus, I'm in Ottawa... so if they were in, I'd go to at least a game.

April 6th

It's not CG ... it's the story

Just reading this article, "The end of a Disney animation era?". You know it peeves me quite a bit that people seem to think that computer generated animation is so much better. I mean, don't get me wrong, CG animation allows some amazing things.

March 23rd

Goings On

My mom stated the other day that I have been severely lacking updates here. And she's right. So ... here's a little update on what's been going on.

March 16th

Equalization of Standard of Living?

Is the current trend to a more global world, and more "offshoring" of labour and production not just the continuation of a trend to equalize much of the world's standard of living?

March 2nd

American Royalty - From my friend Jen

A little email from my friend Jen (whose opinion and perspective I really respect):

Hmmm, the fact that the Walton family take up 5 of the top 10 spots makes me cringe. The fact that 8 of the top 10 billionaires are American says something - people are always talking about the middle eastern royalty, but the reality is that the US has more billionaires than anywhere else. No wonder they have so many problems - no distribution of wealth!!! If they're not careful, they'll end up like how they perceive the middle east to be, many poor, few rich, and lots of violence in between.

My poor Broncos...

First, they decided to sign and trade Portis away to the Redskins, getting Champ Bailey back in return. Now I know the past defence was bad in the loss to the Colts last year, but it was the offence that was the main problem in my view. Get the ball moving! So we just gave up the best running back in football for maybe, one of the best cornerbacks... okay, we'll see how that goes I think.
Now... I read that Eddy McCaffrey is about to retire... oh no. I can't imagine a Bronco team without Eddy.... :( This is a very sorry day...
What's next?

February 25th

Retiring Baby Boomers

You know, there aren't many subjects that scare me... but this is one of them. Big Ol'Al Greenspan stated today that he feels that the US gov't should cut social security benefits that they'll pay out to future retirees. The US, and likely all western worlds are about to enter a very interesting time where the number of people out of the work force could surpass the number of people within it. That's scary.

February 23rd

Don't Trade Matt and Carlo!

I want the Leafs to win the cup just as much as the next Leaf fan... but I certainly hope they don't go and trade two of their best prospects for Sergei Gonchar... As many pundits have said, Gonchar isn't what the Leafs need... they need a stay at home defenceman, not a slightly better Tomas Kaberle.

Keep the kids... please. If you wanna move Antropov or Ponikarovsky... I'd consider that, but keep at least one of them, as well as Stajan, Colaiacovo, Tellqvist and Bell.


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