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January 15th

Stag And Doe Ideas

I get a lot of hits (found in my refer logs) for Stag and Doe type ideas. So I'll ask you people to help me out by providing ideas that you have, and then hopefully when people visit here they won't be so dissapointed. :)

Comment away!


Wow, after four years, this post just keeps on raking in traffic and comments. We're up to 153 individual comments. Now, some of them are questions, but really, it's pretty amazing how giving people have been. My friend Kev is trying to provide a similar service with master of ceremony (MC/emcee) speech ideas/jokes.

MLSE Makes Good for UofT

This would be pretty cool. A new rink/stadium for UofT, not to mention a place for the argos to play. It apparently is in initial stages of negotiations, but I think it's a pretty neat idea. Would probably see MLSE snap up the Argos too, which would only do wonders for the CFL.

January 13th

Canadian Diamonds

Canada is the 3rd largest diamond producer in the world. Pretty crazy huh? When I finally get the chance to purchase a stone for a loved one, I'll be making sure it's a Canadian one.

January 9th

FBI Wants to Tap VoIP

This article talks about an issue that I've discussed on Boris' blog. The American gov't wants to be able to intercept voice calls, no matter where they take place.

January 8th

Hard drives... Not sexy, but amazing

I was reading this article, "Hitachi hard drive at heart of new iPod" and began to think of how amazing hard drives are today. When at school, I remember a professor talking about how the head of a hard drive moving across it's platter was like a commercial airplane flying only feet off the ground. With mini drives, like the one in the iPod, imagine shaking the earth while the plane flew around... quite unreal that they don't fail.

January 7th

Sardine Can Wanted...

If anyone knows of somewhere where I can find (for my Uncle at Sardine Productions) an old sardine can, please tell me! You know, the type with the key on it that you use to peel it open... well, web.... get looking. ;)

January 6th

iPod mini

Ok, am I the only one who thinks Apple is going slightly loonie. So they unveil the "iPod mini"... great, a machine that holds 1,000 songs (4GB) and is the size of a business card. But the pricing is funked up man! The smallest iPod before today was 10GB and was priced at $299US; the new "mini" weighs in at $249US. They want to use this to go after the "High-end flash player market". Okay... I'm sorry, but this thing while being light and small and sexy does not satisfy the low end that everyone thought it would. This thing is for people who want to go running... and that is it. Pay $50 more and you get twice... oh wait, they upgraded that 10GB to 15GB, make that nearly 4 times the storage capacity! Am I completely lost?

Consumer Electronics vs. PCs

I was just reading this article on,Moving beyond monitors. It made me stop and wonder which direction we are going in. Are consumer electronics going to move down towards PCs in terms of margins and lower times between versions? Or are we going to see PCs become higher margin objects with fewer versions.

Whadda ya think?


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