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June 26th

Blog Comment Spam = 6?

I use the MT-Blacklist Movable Type Plug-in to try to prevent blog comment spam on, but some invarialbly get thru either because they haven't been put on the Blacklist yet, or more likely, I haven't updated the Blacklist recently. Anyway, the weirdest thing is that I'm pretty sure that everytime the spam gets thru, it leaves 6 comments, some on the same entry, but at least 4 or 5 entries total... So, why 6?

June 21st

Centretown Movies

The Centretown Movies are a really neat experience here in Ottawa... and while I didn't make it to one last year, I hope to at least get out to a couple of shows this year. Though, by looking at my schedule for the summer it may be tough :(

June 17th

Canadian Health Care Less Expensive?

I've got one friend in particular who has argued that healthcare in the U.S.ofA. is drastically less expensive than it is here, and that the for-profit system is extremely efficient. The studies cited in this article beg to differ, they say the American system chokes on red tape... hmmm...

Yikes!!! This Guy Is Scared of Pollution?

This scares me a bit... A chairman of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Cos. said in comments published Thursday he sees "very little hope for the world" unless there is a reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions.... I mean, if anyone should be comfortable with pollution if it wasn't a big problem, wouldn't it be the chairman of one of the world's largest oil companies?
From: AP by way of Canoe

June 15th

Yahoo! Email Improvements

Hmm... just logged into my Yahoo!Mail account today to find that they've made a number of improvements to the service "overnight"!

  • "Streamlined the interface" - including adding search capabilities
  • 100MB of email storage - Increased from 4MB before ... or was it 8?? - Anyways, not a gigabyte, or terabyte, but still better!
  • Message size up to 10MB - Good if you send lots of files, but I tend to do that from my account anyway...

I know Boris was saying that he'll encourage his friends to get a Gmail account when they come up (and I'd love to get one too...), but in the meantime Yahoo!Mail has always been way better to me that Hotmail... and continues to be so. And I'll probably continue to use the Yahoo!Mail even after I get a Gmail account.

June 9th

Summer Already Upon Us

Wow... where did the summer come from. Seriously, in a lot of ways it feels like it came out of nowhere, but sure enough last night my apartment was a little hotter than normal and therefore the fan in my bedroom was turned on.
I love the summer. I mean I enjoy the winter too, and fall is probably my favourite season (peak football season + beginning of hockey + and sharp autumn days), but the summer is a great time of year (spring... meh... if it wasn't for the fact that winter seems unbearably long... I could skip spring - besides the NHL playoffs go right into summer :) ).
Anyway, last night I played my third summer Ultimate game (second Dr. Teeth game - two were rained out , and I've played one with my Friday team that I only play on every other week or so). The game was extremely enjoyable though it took part in gale force winds and in a fairly muggy night (without the wind, it would have been much more difficult heat wise!). We lost, but it was still a lot of fun. It's great to play a team that has "having fun" as their top priority.

June 7th

Congrats to the Lightning

Well, the Calgary Flames couldn't quite pull it off, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are now the Stanley Cup Champions. I must say, the Lightning represent what the NHL should be like, hopefully other teams will follow their style.
The best thing about this cup win was seeing Dave Andreychuk lift the cup. 22 years of helmet and lunch bucket work has finally culminated in the big guy taking the big prize home!
Players like Brad Richards, Vincent Lecavalier, Robyn Regher and Jerome Ignila show our Canadian team has great promise this year at the World Cup, and in the future.
The big question of course, is how can a team like Tampa Bay win the cup when Toronto can't??? ;)

June 4th

Will European Hockey Change the NHL?

Okay, let's assume there is a lockout in the NHL next season. [What a nice thing to talk about as the playoffs come to a close - hopefully on Saturday night! :)] Anyway, if there is a lockout, a number of players like Tommy Salo will be off to play in Europe.
So, I'm wondering if the CBC, TSN or Sportsnet will run European league games on HNIC (Ouch... what a thought) or their other normal hockey slots? Anyway... let's assume they do run some games. What will happen if people really dig European hockey, you know, the game that doesn't really include the trap, or hooking and holding on every play. Will the NHL then finally feel the need to change [assuming they ever start up again]? Just a question...


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