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Tony Graham Toyota Pt. 2

By smithdm3 - Posted on 10 September 2003

Well, I've done what I said I wouldn't... I'm going back to Tony Graham. I need a routine service done on my car and so I used their web form to book an appointment. Their service manager courteously called me back and booked me in... then he said that they monitored stuff on the Internet and that they weren't ecstatic about what I'd said about them. Well, that's fair, I wasn't very nice about the whole thing, and in my post I mentioned that I would be sending them a letter to voice my displeasure. Well, as per my usual form (I've had thank you cards for my east coast relatives sitting on my table for a month awaiting stamps and mailing) I procrastinated and never sent the letter. Regardless, I didn't give them an avenue for direct feedback and that's not fair. While I suppose the service manager could have commented directly on the site here, I should have given him a more direct way to contact me. Anyway, they have apologized for the problems we had and explained their side of the story.

It's only fair I give them another try. But I should thank Google for bringing the problem to the forefront. :)

just a few words from Tony Graham service department.
Thankyou Mr Smith for your kind words, and i hope at some time in the future we can serve you and
have you gain trust in our service.
the technician who misdiagnosed your clutch no
longer works for our company.
And i must thankyou for letting us know when your
vehicle was not serviced correctly.
again if i can ever be of help please call me.
Rick Acres.

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